The Effects of Colour on Moods

Have you ever thought about the effects of colours on mood?

Finding what mood you want to create and which colours will help achieve your

desired mood for a room; first of all choosing the colours of your fabric,carpet, furniture and tiles would be ideal to choose first because there only a limited

range of colours for all of these components compared to paint.

Now Lets Find Out About Room Colours

Red Painted Feature Wall Lounge Room


Red in a bedroom has an exciting vibe, particularly at night because red

raises blood pressure and heart rate.

Red in a living room draws people together and can help stimulate conversation.

But if your alone in your room of choice, it is better not to choose it.

Crimson is a colour you must avoid as the main colour of a room because

it can irritate some people.

Yellow Painted Feature Wall in Kitchen


Yellow is a good choice for places where you want a more happy or energising feel,

like a kitchen or bathroom. Yellow can feel more expansive in small places. But don't ever choose yellow as the main colour of your room because too much can cause some to lose their tempers and also is very fatiguing on the eyes.

blue feature wall in main bedroom newcastle


Blue is known to be a more calming and relaxing colour, so its recommended for

bedrooms and can also be used in bathrooms. Consider warmer brighter blues where people gather; but avoid dark blues as it has the opposite effect. Dark blues

can evoke a feeling of sadness in some people.

green feature wall in lounge newcastle painter


Green is suited to almost any room in your home because it is the most restful of

all the colours for the eyes; combining the calming relaxing of blue and the cheerful energising feeling of yellow.

feature wall purple formal lounge newcastle painter


Purple associates with luxury and creativity; the lighter versions of purple can bring out the same calming relaxing quality to bedrooms as blue does but without

the risk of the room feeling too cold.

gym orange feature in newcastle painting


Orange is a energetic colour; it has a enthusiastic and exciting feel to it, it would be

a great choice for a gym or exercise room.


newcastle painter lounge room neutral colours

Black, Grey, White and brown are more flexible; colour experts maintain that every room needs a touch

of black to ground a colour scheme and give it a lot more depth; but only use black in small doses.

Neutral colours on Ceilings and walls;

White is the best choice for ceilings because when the ceilings are a lot lighter than the walls; the

walls can feel higher while ceilings that are darker can make the walls fell lower.

As for walls; darker coloured walls make the room feel smaller, and the lighter the wall colour

the room has a more larger feel.

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