How Long Should I Wait To Repaint My Home?

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If your house exterior is showing signs of age, getting it painted is the easiest

and most cost effective way to revive it back to its former glory.

If your looking to give the Interior of your home a makeover, giving it a

couple of coats can make the biggest difference.

These are the most common reasons to have your home/office/shopfront

repainted; but what other reasons are there to repaint?

Repainting the interior is really a matter of choice, most of the time you will notcie yourself weather it needs to be painted or not, maybe your getting tired of that colour on the walls, or its marked, dirty or faded. These are all

just aesthetic and serve only just for the overall looks, as the interior is

protected by the elements; The exterior is a completely different story..

Paint serves a very important function outdoors, as it provides a protective

barrier from our harsh climate and also infestations.

How Often Should The Exterior Of My Home Be Painted?

Theres no exact answer to this question;the answer is held within a whole bunch of

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different factors, some of which include:

  • Climate in your area

  • the type of substrate being painted (weatherboard/brick/render etc.)

  • the quality of the paint used previously

A lot of the time people don't get the exterior of their homes painted as often as

they should because they don't take a very close look at it; if the house looks good from a distance

they assume everything is fine, which in most cases it may be; but you don't know for sure unless

you take a closer look:

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  • If peeling or cracking is visible; this means you should have had it painted last year or the year before! Never let it get to this stage, as it will cost you more to have it repoainted.

  • if you have weatherboards inspect them at least once a year; keep an eye out on areas where they join or butt together for moisture, swelling or the dreaded dry rott.

  • If you have more weather resistant cladding it will not have to be painted as much as timer; But

  • dont forget about your fascias window trims etc which are all timber, we see a lot of cases where a brick veneer home’s fascia is peeling and full of dry rott because it has been neglected because the home owner had a “exterior is maintenance free” chain of thought.

How Long Does Exterior Paint Last?

This is another one where there is no exact answer, but usually if you follow these

rules you should be safe.

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  • Painted timber will generally last around 10 years, if it is exposed to sunlight and elements it will be lucky to last half that; perhaps even every 2 to 3 years (Yes beachfront and coastal homeowners.. this means you!)

  • stained or clear timber work should be painted between 2 and 5 years, also depending on the climate where they are situated.

  • Acrylic paint on exterior weatherboard/render/bricks can last up to 15 years, most paint manufacturers guarantee this; but either way, if its starting to look shabby after 8 years, dont wait another 7 years to get it painted because it says so on the tin!

Another Big Factor To Consider

The quality of workmanship will make a big difference to the longevity and

appearance of your exterior paint job.

A lot of people don't realise how much goes into painting, especially on the exterior.

On some places we have spent more time preparing the place to be painted; than

actually painting it! As the saying goes “A paint finish is only as good as what is underneath it.”

this saying also does apply for other trades such as carpenters and plasterers; if they leave poor

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workmanship behind; its harder for us to make it look good.

Skimping on cost can end up costing you more in the long run; getting handyman Johno down the road to paint your exterior may be a lot cheaper, but we can guarantee it won't last as long as if you got a licenced tradesmen to paint it; Johno’s work may look ok to you as well, but to a well trained eye like a tradesmen, we know when the previous person was qualified or not

just by looking at the job.

So really for the best and most cost effective results choose a licenced tradesmen; your

job will not only look far superior but last longer; costing you less in the long run than a “budget Job”.

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